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Tesseract Point is a community of exceptional people who bring their talents to work on things that matter to them and others. Whether you are starting a new business, taking an established business to the next level, developing the next great app or robot, or creating your latest masterpiece, Tesseract Point is where you belong.

We aim to bring together talented people in many technical and creative fields to work together and apart on projects of their own creation, and projects that we help encourage. It's a little bit hackerspace, a little bit makerspace, a coworking office, an informal business accelerator, and a lot of excitement all in one place.

Our building will offer four primary areas of activity. The workshops provide spaces dedicated to electronics, 3d printing, CNC machining, woodworking, welding, and others. A cafe/lounge area will provide comfortable seating for writing, web development, programming, graphic design ... whatever you can reasonably work on with a laptop and fast wifi. Hot and cold beverages are available at no additional charge. There will be a spacious office area, dedicated to our coworkers, with shared tables and desks to work at, various styles of modern workspaces, isolated rooms for making phone calls, and conference rooms. A large, multipurpose room we call the "holodeck" can be used for a classroom, stage, drone competition space, films, meetings, technical talks, etc.

There will be adequate parking on site for everyone, even during special events. Park as long as you like without getting a ticket (like in some places).

Tesseract Point is a nonprofit organization, supported by members and sponsors. We are currently seeking 501(c)3 recognition from the IRS. Our members are individuals and small businesses from the Fayetteville/Cumberland County region.