What is Coworking?

Many people work from home or from coffee shops, libraries, many other random places. Much of the time, they work alone, or in the presence of strangers (like when you go to a coffee shop). Coworking is when you work from an office, like almost everyone else, surrounded by people you know, support staff and equipment. There are rooms available for meetings with your clients, including teleconferencing capabilities. Even though some of the people you share the office with will change from one day to the next, you know almost everybody, so when you take a break for a meal or a drive you can leave many of your things on your desk. For those things you want to store while you are away, we have lockers that only you can access. Add to that the WiFi, printer, scanner, copier, reception desk and other amenities, and you have a fully functional office for your business for much less than you would think.

Tesseract Point is only just getting started, and so many of the amenities that will be in place later are not yet here. We are a member supported organization that provides a shared facility and community for our members. You can think of us as something like a co-op, something like a clubhouse. Our members make us what we are and will be. So, if when you join you find that something you need is not here, help us to find a way to get it! And please be patient. Initially, much of the decor will be simple, but with time we will be upgrading the appearance, adding features, and making the whole place much more pleasant for all our members and their customers. Meanwhile, come to our roaming meetings and get some work done with friends!