Classes, Shows, Debates, Science Talks

Upcoming Events

We will have all kinds of exciting events every month here at Tesseract Point, some for members only, some for the general public. There will be a full slate of classes on technical subjects, like programming the Raspberry Pi, getting an Arduino to turn your lights on and off, web development technologies, how to use a 3d printer, and more. There will also be after hours opportunities to mingle with other members, share your business experiences, and just have a lot of fun!

Tesseract Point will have regular technical talks, as well, and will host frequent Science Cafe events. We'll have debates, seminars, inspiring speakers, competitions between humans and between robots (and maybe both!). Members will be able to teach classes on subjects they are expert (or at least skilled) in, and can even charge for them.

The main venue for these events is the "holodeck," a spacious room in the center of the building that can be configured for just about any occasion. There is room to set up a long stage along one wall, a short stage along the short wall, an audience in the round in the center of the's almost limitless.