Membership in Tesseract Point is available to persons 18 years of age and older, who are residents of nearby counties of North Carolina. Members who subscribe to a family plan may bring kids between 10 and 17, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

BenefitFull MembershipFamily MembershipProfessional MembershipResident Membership
Lounge Access X X X X
Shop Access X X X X
Member's Only Events X X X X
Free WiFi X X X X
Free Coffee X X X X
Shop Storage X X X X
Office Access X X
Conference Rooms X X
Office Storage X X
Dedicated Office X
Daily$15 $35$26
Monthly$55 $120$200$400
6 Months$300 $670$1100$2300

Day visitors may visit the common areas, including the lounge and workshops during normal hours by paying the daily rate. There is no limit to the number of times in a month that you may visit. The upstairs offices may be visited by paying the day rate listed above for each person. This is generally for people who will be working in the office. Guests and customers of coworking members may visit without paying any additional fees.

The family rates include two adults and up to three children. The adults need not be related formally, but the children must be related to at least one or the other of the adults. If you need to add more children, contact staff.

To join, complete the application form here.